Friday, May 28, 2010

My Favorite Princesses

It was so funny when I went to Michael's to get some paper, stickers, etc. You know the typical stuff you do, when preparing to scrapbook. So there are papers, kits and sticker of princesses. I would pick them up and think oh those are cute. Then as I thought about it, Ariel, Belle, & Mulan weren't around when I went to Disney Land as a child. Such a reminder that I am getting older. My daughter asks me if I met Ariel, sadly I did not. When I took my boys they weren't interested in meeting the "princesses" but here are some pages I did of the two different times I went with my dad.
Featuring my favorite princesses! Princess Aurora is my favorite. Just a little FYI for ya! I absolutely love the fairies. I think they turned out so cool. My cricut never ceases to amaze me.
I This is the layout for the second year that we went. Still with my favs. Thank goodness there are so different poses you can do.

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  1. Great pages!! I'm so impressed that you are putting this book together years after the fact. You're getting so much done as well! Way to go!!


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