Tuesday, May 15, 2012

10th Bday Party

My little girl is turning 10.  So I pulled out my toys.  I haven't
played with my stamps for a very long time.
I am surprised I even remember what to do with them.
As we all say, when our children grow up, where has
the time gone?  I can not believe my baby was born
10 years ago.  In a way I am glad to have my kids growing
up, so I can have more free time.  On the other hand, I dislike the
fact that I am growing older, and my kids need me less.
Rock and a hard spot I suppose.  I do know I am very
blessed to have my four children, and I wouldn't trade
them for anything!!!!
I don't know, just one of those mornings that I woke up and thought
this is what I want to do today.  She is having a "Monster High" party.
So this fits the colors perfectly!  
This is a pretty old SU set.  

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