Thursday, July 2, 2015


So far we have tried three "Tofurky" items.  Here is our review of them.....

The first one we tried was on our boating trip.  I mean you can't have a trip to the lake without chips, dip and sandwiches.  It was the "Tofurky" hickory smoked deli slices.  These are pretty spot on.  We both like the texture and the taste.  Plus you get so much more for the calories.  Just watch your carb intake.   And the dip~ one of my all time favorites is still veggie friendly.  Cottage cheese and ranch mix.  So much better for you than the store bought dips.

We also tried the Italian lunch meat.  I loved this one, tastes like salami.  Has a great texture.
I liked it much more than my daughter.  Who is originally a go to bologna eater.  Gotta give the girl props for trying all this new stuff.

Just when we were thinking Tofurky was the bomb. We tried their bacon.  Our warning~ stay away from this product.  The smell is amazing, the texture is horrifying and the flavor~ Well I won't buy it again.  This is where it ended up after our one and only taste test.

Well there you have our take on these veggie meats.  I will definitely enjoy my sandwiches again.  However, onward goes the search for a better bacon!

Happy Veggin' to ya!


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