Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Flannel Weather Board

I've had my iMac for over a year now. Today I decided open up iMovie. I have some older clips that I want to make into tutorials.....but, why start there? I started with I made just a couple weeks ago, and admittedly there was pretty corny stuff on there, so I re-recorded some of it. It's not professional, but honestly I don't have the time to commit to that. Here are pictures of my project I made, and the Youtube video I put together. I love my Cricut, and the fact that I am still learning new things to do with it. Truly is a valuable asset, we have made many a school project with it. Not to mention all the
Preschool projects I have made and will make.  Circuit cutting felt Tutorial 

I started by making my felt board.   Using a piece of canvas, I hot glued a large piece of felt to it. Then punched holes in the top, and pulled a piece of hemp through.  It can easily be taken down to allow the kids to set up the weather everyday!

I didn't even cut it very straight. 

So plain right now!  

I don't think I like the leaves that color for summer.  I am out of dark green, 
I think I'll get some more and remake the summer leaves. 

Autumn looks fun, maybe some jack o lanterns when it gets closer to Halloween.  

Loving the flurries...

The bee, ladybug, and flowers, came in a preschool kit.  
They are still cute, and I could cut them out, I just didn't this time.  

House, Rain, Sun:  Create a Critter
Leaves: Cupcake Wrappers
Snowflake: Pooh & Friends also  Accents 1
Spider: Paper doll dress up
Lettering: Basis Shapes
Tree: Stretch you imagination


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