Saturday, June 26, 2010

Silly Celebration

This is silly billy from High Hopes stamps. I am not much of a clown person, but he is irresistible. I used lovely lilac to roll the background with the party wheel from SU! (and oldie but a goodie). I haven't played with this wheel for a long time, I forgot how fun it is. I do have one busy day scheduled today. A birthday, which this card is not for. A wedding reception for one of my neighbors from my old hood, LOL. Hard to believe I move away, and all their kids grow up. After that we have a party to go to. With a "white trash" theme. I find that ironic, a wedding and then trash. Ok, well thanks for stopping by..... What ever you do today-I hope your day is fun and safe.

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  1. I love the bright colours. His cheeks and bowtie are the best!!


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