Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Got a Cricut Cake Machine!!!!!

I am sooo excited...I got a Cricut Cake on Friday for my birthday. tee hee my birthday isn't until August. It was on a good sale, so my wonderful BF got it for me. Yes, I know I am spoiled, but I thoroughly enjoy it, ~and I am so worth it =) ha ha! Along with the Cricut Cake, I got the sweet treats cartridge. These boxes were the first things I made, one with a 2 and the other with a 4. Both for my cute nephews. I was trying to think of something fun I could fill the boxes with, all I was coming up with was a bag of candy. I had one of those miraculous early morning creative revolutions (at 2:20 am), I thought that cookies would cute in them. AND I could use my cake! Oh the beginnings of a happy day. "Now go back to sleep until a normal hour. "

So this is my box--I used SU "birthday party" simply scrappin' kit, for both boxes.
As you are looking at these remember this is my first attempt, so please...be gentle...
The first thing I tried to cut was some cookie dough, No, I can't start with the typical stuff. But the dough has to be too thin, and the recipe didn't work very well. blah blah blah, (I'll try this another day) on to the gum paste. I used the cake basics that came with it, and started cutting some shapes.
Then moved onto mickey and friends to cut out the car, airplane, and train. The beautiful thing about kids, is they are not picky, and they think you are so cool. The mom sent me a text the next morning..."Max is eating one of his cookies, she tells him Aunt Sharon makes the best cookies, and cakes. He says and the best pancakes." I just love that boy! This is for my other nephew. I am anxious to try making some more. They were fun. Thanks for looking! Enjoy your day.


  1. How fun! Your nephews will love these. I know I'd love something like this myself! Glad you are enjoying your early gift!

  2. Cute project. Wish I had a Cricut Cake. Enjoy your b-day gift :)

  3. Sweet I didn't know you got it already! Those look like fun, I can't wait to see what else you do with it!


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