Thursday, September 13, 2012

House Warming

I’ve recently had some very good friends of mine move into a new home. They are throwing a house warming bash.   A little bad news…. in the midst of moving their oldest daughter had a birthday. They haven’t been able to have a celebration for her.  I always make her birthday cake (well, for the last 6 or so years). I thought I’d be clever this year, and combine the cake she wanted, with a house warming cake. She wants these little monster things. So I am making a cake with the monsters at their new home! I am thinking I will make a sign that says “home sweet home" or some cliche' like that. 

I got the cake all done, and was happy with how it turned out, so cute.  
I had to find a place to hide it, I didn't
want them to see it when they came over to my house that night. Also, I didn't
want my dog to devour it.  So I put it in my closet, with the door closed. 
Someone (no one knows who, you know how that goes)  the door got
opened and the dog ate a couple of my monsters. I was rage-in'  I had used all of my supplies
and didn't have time to remake the missing people.
If you look at the pics below there is a picture of the 
birthday girl, next to the cake.  Look close you can see a flower garden
where Jake and Kandi used to be.  :(
I am glad I got pictures before the devil dog got a hold of my cake.

Cute lil' monsters

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