Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy Bday Gwynie~ Cake Pops

I made these for my Gwynie.  I love that little girl. I am so glad that her and her family were put in my life.  Her and her brother started as part of my childcare.
I quickly fell in love with them, and their parents are some of
my best friends.

Cake pops are the best thing ever invented to use up a cake that flopped in the middle. I didn't ruin one today.  I did have an extra in the freezer though, so it was sacrifices for some cake pops I wanted to make for a birthday party.
**The box, and card are cut from "Cricut-Sweet treats" 

*Break up the cake, then place in mixer, turn on mixer and crumble up cake a little. Add frosting while stirring.The cake should resemble brownie mix.  Allow mixture to set for a few minutes before shaping.  Melt the chocolate and place the sticks in the bottoms, allow to rest in fridge until stiff.  Then you can decorate you cake pops however you desire. 

2 - 8" cakes 
2 cups frosting 
lb melting chocolate 
Popsicle sticks

After letting the pops set up. I decorated this box, put some styrofoam in the bottom and funfetti! All you gotta do is stick the pops in and you are ready to give this as a gift. Shown above is a picture of the cake  box and matching card.  It looks so cute with the pops inside. Very fun idea, and gift. Photobucket

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  1. How cute! Love the box you put the cake pop's in!!


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