Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine Treats

I created this project for my last SU workshop. I love the faux silk technique. It is so easy yet lends such an elegant touch to your project. I am working on a card that I will post soon. This is also very inexpensive to make.
Ok, now mine I modified from what we did at my stamp camp, because of course at the stamp workshop we used SU ribbon. Well on this project I used some wonderful Crinkle ribbon, that was sent to me by........... I would surely like to give her props for this wonderful product. I Like how whimsical the bows are. I also used it to make some leaves to go around the flowers.
see how beautiful the ribbon is, between the flowers. The flowers are made from paper, I am working on a tutorial for the flowers. I will be posting soon(ish).
This is a great picture of the ribbon, you can see all the texture. I hope this inspires you to try the faux silk technique. If you do please share your link with me on this post. Thanks-- have a most awesome day!
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