Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Tags

Snow friends tags I received the "snow friends" in the mail the week before Christmas. So I decided I should make every single one of them. So I could see how cute they are, and also, so I can say I used every single one hehe! A couple alterations: the pot is from "from my kitchen" and the top hat is from "pooh and friends". I couldn't believe this set didn't come with them, but still very cute, and I had a blast making them. These were attached to my parent gifts, which are etched candles. The snowmen are cut out a 2" and mounted on bordering blue. I cheated and drew the faces on. They don't cut out that great, and it is a pain to glue each piece on. I think they look adorable drawn though. These are the ones I did for the kids. They are cut at 4" and also mounted to bordering blue. Then I tied the tags onto the gifts. Which are just Christmas puppies, and a chocolate santa. Hopefully the kids will enjoy them though! Ok these are the parent gifts. I also did some for friends and neighbors. You can't really see the etching on these very well-but everyone is unique.

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