Friday, August 31, 2012

Kaylie's Monster High Cake

Happy Birthday Kaylie!!!!

Kaylie is my girlfriends daughter, and she's going to be celebrating her 8th birthday.  She loved my daughters Monster High party so much that she wanted to have her own. These two besties are also planning on dressing as Monster High chicks for Halloween. Stay tuned for those pics. Of course I didn’t want to do the same cake for Kaylie. I have been thinking about ideas for a couple weeks now. Tomorrow is the party LOL, I guess it’s time to quit thinking and start creating! Ya know when you have an idea in your mind, but can’t quite get it out? That’s where I am stuck at right now! I did decide the shape of the cake and baked them. At least I got a start, right! We had a lot of fun.  Kaylie watched me make it almost the entire time~ telling me how cool I was.  That makes anyone feel good. 

Thanks for stopping by and looking at my project, hope your day is amazing. Photobucket

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