Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Polished Stone

Supplies: *Piece of glossy cardstock, cut to desired size. *Piece of wood and a felt square. (these are conveniently sold at hobby stores) *Re-inkers in 3 complimenting, but different colors. Okie Dokie-first stick your felt bag onto the wood, or wrap it around if you are improvising. Then spritz the felt with alcohol (not rum, but isopropyl) Add a few drops of color, maybe 2 or 3 of each color. If desired you can use your gold or silver pen to dab on- in place of one color. If you get too many colors, or too much ink it will look muddy. Now slam your ink dauber all over ther cardstock. Keep going until you have the desired look. "Bat Crest" this one I used Razzleberry, and soft suede to make the polished stone. Then two-tone emobossed with black and gold powders. "Hunt for Candy" Razzleberry, Soft Suede, and gold were used on this one.. you can see though I used more soft suede in this one than the one above.

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