Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shadow Technique

Supplies: * line art stamp (wheel is easiest) * wheel and accessories. * white craft pad * darker ink pad * medium colored cardstock, dark enough so the white will show. But light enough so the dark will show too. Start by inking you line image on the white craft pad. If you are using a wheel, the wheel guide is great to help line things up. Before you roll, so you have precise measurement to line up the darker color. There is a line on all wheels of where the pattern begins and ends. Put that seam right at the edge of the handle. Now line up your wheel guide on the paper and begin rolling right at the edge of the paper. Ink up the wheel with the second color. As instructed before line the seam up, now move slightly one way or the other. This will offset the image just a little giving it the shadow look. Again line your wheel up right at the edge and roll. Whoa there is the shadow, very subtle, very cool. Now all you have to do is finish your card.

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