Sunday, December 14, 2014

Punch Board

PhotobucketAnyone who knows me...knows I do not mind change.  I am always moving an entire room, or rearranging my kitchen drawers.  I like the idea of my punches hanging up, they are easier to use, and see what you have for inspiration.  My office is now its 4th room of my house.  I alway have to re-hand all the curtain rods, for my punches.  This time I used the back of an old cupboard.  Yes, the back just in case I need the front again! ;)  

 Just seeing how everything will fit.  Then screw in the hooks.  The dowels I had laying around are way too long.  I'll have to cut them.  
 I decided to paint the inside purple, to match the lower half of my wall.  I'll let the paint dry while I cut the owls down to size.  
How convenient, the hinges work perfectly to hang my creation on the wall.  
Now, just add the dowles and the punches.   
Now, next time I move, I only have to put in two nails, and slide the board on.  

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