Saturday, December 13, 2014

Electronic Shelf

Since we got my daughter a bigger TV she has been stacking all of her electronics beside it. Which is never a good idea. When we moved her downstairs, I said, "what you need here is a shelf type thing." ...Oh, a shelf!  It occurred to me~ would be perfect. So I grabbed a shelf. I am one of those people who doesn't like to shop, nor waste my money. Naturally, a 2x4 came to mind as a way to lift it. I measured the 2x4's to the width of the shelf, screwed the shelf and 2x4's together. That looks very plain. I remembered we had some left over trim in the garage. I cut the trim to fit the front of the shelf. Glued and nailed it to the shelf. Then painted the whole thing white. (the shelf was already white melamine.) Voila a shelf for her electronics. That didn't cost me anything, looks good, is functional, and I did it all in my Pj's. ;)


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