Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bling Holder

PhotobucketHere is another project I made to organize my office.  I am in a smaller room, so utilizing my space is very important.  If I want to have friend crafters over, we need as much counter space as possible.  So I made this bling organizer to hand up, and hold all of my accessories.
 This is the old bling container.  First of all it's ugly! Second it wastes counter space.

I have had these metal containers sitting idle for years.  When I bought them it was cheaper to
buy a whole case, rather than the exact amount I needed. I am glad to finally be 
putting more of these to good use.  

 I began with my layout.  The board is a burlap canvas.  I wanted to get the most effective way to arrange them.  With a pleasing look.  Now, it's time to start cutting velcro.  I used velcro to adhere
the tins to the canvas.
You can buy the tins with the clear tops, but since I was using product I already had.  I either hot glued one of the items to top of the lid. Or used my SU tools to punch a whole then pushed the brads through.  I then punched 2 holes on the top for hanging.  I think it looks pretty cute, way less space.  When I need some bling, I just grab the tin I want, then when finished scoop the remainders up, and place the tin back in its spot. 

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