Friday, July 19, 2013

Skylander - gluten free even

I gotta say it's a little tricky to make a cake for something I'm not completely familiar with. I've never heard of Skylander until I was asked to make this cake. Thank goodness for Google. :)  Another twist for this project is the boy I made it for has Ciliacs disease.  So the cake had to be gluten free.  I'm used to using crisco in the bottom of the pan, then flour to keep it from sticking.  Well, flour has gluten.  I'm glad I thought about that before I ruined this expensive mix.  I used canola spray and waxed paper, worked like a charm.  Sometimes I am brilliant~ I tell ya.  Now if I worked with gluten free everyday, that would have been second nature.  But, for us amatures, ya gotta think about every step.  Including keeping my kitchen free from all gluten products.  It was a challenge, but one I faced, and conquered.  LOL

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