Monday, January 28, 2013

YAY!!!!! Spinnies'

Tonight we went to show some old fashioned Spinnaker pride.  
My son's girlfriend is on the drill team.  So we traveled many hours, ok, just one,
 to watch her perform.  Most of the time she is such a shy girl.  
However, when she performs she shines.  
We got her some flowers, and a card, 
over all they took 2nd in regionals.  YAY!!!!

This is the scrapbook page I made.  I made it using Mixbook.  Jason doesn't mind if I scrapbook on the computer, because I can still sit next to him, while we watch a movie. I don't mind it because there is less mess.  However, sometimes I really miss the hands on.  My plan is to do the current ones on the computer, then as I work on my old books, they will be the traditional way.  Then I get the best of both worlds.  LOL

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