Friday, May 13, 2011

Entrance Remodel

This is the other project I tackled: This is now my entrance room. It was my office. So here is a pic of it as my office. Notice the pony walls, and the cupboards, and of course the fry-sauce colored wall.
That wall's gotta go before tile and carpet!!!!!
My helpers--LOL this is my son and his friend, pulling down the wall!
Here is a picture of the tile I put down. I was going to extend it more down the hall and into the bath. I also had the intentions of doing a really cool pattern. Well, obviously NOT!
I love the Baja Breeze (LOL) and gold wallpaper.
This is my finished formal room. Nice blue and gold where the fry-sauce used to be. The cupboards are gone and the holes are patched. So nice to walk in my front room, and not directly into disaster. Have a fantastic day--thanks for stopping by

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