Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Baking up a Sweet Birthday

I thought I would just keep with the theme over at Fantabulous Cricut the whole labor day thing. I was thinking about all the jobs that are out there. I thought of my own personal jobs. My favorite is being a mom. So I get to wear many hats. My second favorite is my new found job with my best friend. So I did this girl baking a cake.
She is from "Everyday Paper Dolls" It made me laugh to think about me and Amber baking our cakes, and how fun it is, and how much our kids enjoy the finished products. They are always so excited when we have a mistake, a cake sticks or overfills the pan. :) and the disappointed faces if we say there isn't some for them. Of course, we always bake extra, so they get some kind of treat. Our kids will always remember this about us.
The phrase is printed from my computer. and I added sparkles to the frosting, and some fun candles. Have a great day----

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