Sunday, August 1, 2010

Star Spangled

Star Spangled!
These are shaggy mums that I just learned to make! So I thought I would make them for our Leo BBQ/ 24th of July celebration. The cake is white chocolate with white chocolate frosting. Talk about a rich cake. But delicious!!!!!
The mums remind me of fireworks! Haha!
If you would like to purchase this cake or any of others please visit or Website!.LadyBird Designs Blog Have an excellent day!!
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  1. Hi
    I think you left a message on my blog Please email me for summertime swing and i will send it to you.
    Hugs di xx
    p.s i love your back in ten!

  2. p.s also the fishing one xxxx

  3. Beautiful cake I'm sure it taste as good as it look thanks for sharing


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