Monday, August 30, 2010

Duct tape anyone? FCCB #25

This weeks challenge #25, over at Fantabulous Cricut is –Road Trip Theme: Create a card or project incorporating a vacation or travel. Please pop over and join our challenge. We went to my family reunion, and spent a couple nights camping. On the way home, we heard a noise, it sounded like the door was being ripped off the motor home. IT WAS! We looked out the side mirror to see our fiberglass bouncing down the freeway. We stopped and grabbed the door panel. A nice Samaritan stopped to help, but all they had was some red tape. That held until we got to the "Country Junction" where we bought some duct tape. They sell the smallest rolls of duct tape I have ever seen. So we wrapped up that door with our shinny duct tape, and began our decent home. By the time we got home, we felt pretty red neck. As we pull in our driveway, with our duct tape door- we see the neighbors carrying their motorcycle in to their front room--yep confirmed we are rednecks! Anybody who knows me though, knows I am ok that.
I used some torn paper to hold the pictures on the LO, so it would look a little like duct tape.
I cut out some little circles, and stamped on the smallest faces from Peachy Keen stamps . The cartridge I used was George and Basics for the circles, and Summer Vacation for the phrase and motorhome. The little faces poking out of the window make me laugh. I can imagine that is what we looked like as we watched our door go bouncing down the highway. These are just some pictures from the reunion. My family had a great time on the water slide. Thanks for dropping by today-have a great day.


  1. LOL! What a great vacation story! I love the way you used the "duct tape" to hold on the photos on the page!

  2. Duct tape can fix anything! Wonderful layout, and a fun story behind it:)

  3. What a funny story and a great layout for that memory! I've had a similar duct tape experience and we laugh every time we think about it. Well done!

  4. very cute! I love all the pk faces LOL !!!

  5. What a hilarious story!! How fantastic that you were able to create a layout for it too. Great job!
    The reunion looks like heaps of fun as well. Glad you got home safely - even if your door did not!


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