Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Candle Stamping

SUPPLIES: candle, wax paper, tissue paper, image, ink. Start by cutting out your tissue paper to fit the candle. Then stamp the chosen image on the tissue paper. shown: is the stamped (or rolled in this case) the image. Then I just cut around the image, leaving less tissue paper. Next hold the tissue flat against candle, smooth out all wrinkles. Then very carefully lay the wax paper over the tissue paper. **with the wax side on the tissue paper. Now use your heat gun to heat the candle. What happens is the wax from the paper melts, and the candle absorbs the tissue paper. You are done heating when the tissue paper is fully absorbed. Like the top half of the picture here. Remove the wax paper, you may want to have a piece of nylon laying near by, so you can smooth the candle after you remove the wax paper. This step gives the candle a smoother finish. And there you go a custom candle. Makes a very classy, yet inexpensive gift.

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