Friday, June 19, 2015

The Beginning

My daughter woke up the morning of June 19, 2015. Declaring she wants to be vegetarian.  I asked her why.  She had very valid reasons.  Being supportive and concerned, I agreed to do it with her.  I had her load the app "my fitness pal" to her phone.

Over the last two weeks we have looked over her app daily to make sure she is getting enough protein, iron, potassium etc.  I told her, you can't just wake up one morning and decide to go veggie for the hell of it.  You've gotta have meaningful reasons behind it.  You also have to do your research.  I wanna also add that she is not the most willing to try new foods.  She is going to have to step out of her realm of deep fried food, and most quick snacks.

I am really proud to say that we have done this for nearly two weeks.  I am enjoying the research.  I always have to be learning something.  Still working on the essential oils.  This kinda has taken over though, after all we are talking about my daughters health here.  If you'd like to join us on our journey, you are welcome.  We'll be discussing some of the foods we try, and giving our honest opinion.  It's ok if you don't agree, it's just an opinion.

This is our first actual shopping trip.  We are trying to stock up some of what I read are the "vegetarian necessities".  Tofurky meat, GoLean cereal, mushrooms, eggplant, cashews, Quinoa, flax seed, hummus, edamame, and oh so much more.

Ok, here we go!!!


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