Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wine Phrases

This is the other change I made.  This ugly huge cabinet and hutch.  I decided to remove the top.  Order a wine shelf, and redecorate it.  It makes my kitchen look so much larger, with it gone.  Another plus, is the fridge opens all the way.  I had six wine phrases that I liked.  I decided on my favorite three and Incorporated them in my kitchen/dinning room.  This is the second one.  "In Vino Veritas" in Latin it means "In wine there is truth"  So true.  The lettering is vinyl I cut with my Cricut using the "Jasmine" cartridge.

These are some wine glasses I etched using "Ashlyn's Alphabet".  I need to purchase some more, so I have a set of eight.  The charms I made a while ago.

This is the third phrase, I stuck it above my bay window.  
The kids now officially  think I am a wino.  LOL
I used lettering from  "Tear Drop" cartridge. 

PhotobucketSo that's how I spent my weekend, I hope you had fun too.

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