Wednesday, April 1, 2009


There are many variations to the kissing technique. So here is some to get you started. Begin by inking up a well chosen background. One with a lot of detail works best! =) Okay this shows using a small solid image stamp to 'stamp off' some color on the background stamp. Then use the solid image to kiss another sheet of paper. See the flowers below on the white sheet. The flowers have the design from the background. (I used "canvas") After you have stamped some images off of the background stamp. Huff the background stamp and stamp on cardstock. This is shown on the left side of the picture above. Where you have stamped off, shows a faint image of the flower. Okay this variation (this is for demonstration purposes only-so I chose colors that would show, rather than look good) Anyway ink up your background stamp with a light color as usual, now this time grab a darker ink and apply to the small solid image, stamp directly on to the background. Now huff, invert, and stamp. On this one the image are darker, but still have the texture, which gives a really cool background effect don't you think? TFL

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